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Michele Conti (1931-1996)

Michele & Maurizio Conti - The definitive Book written on the Conti family and their models by

Oliver Strebel-Ritter and Peter Wallman invited anybody who owned a Conti model to come forward and be included in the book. Membership is select and complementary as there were only about 350 models total. 

Close to the real thing, a Conti model combines the perfection of the art of steel, aluminum and brass panel beaten and welded in miniature, with detailing in fine leather, wood, rubber and chrome work; all so much harder than working on the real thing. Michele Conti, in his rise to fame, courted and was courted by many famous personalities, including film and television stars, business leaders, racing car drivers, team owners, royalty and politicians. Many asked for specific models to be built, reflecting either their actual car or a car they could never hope to acquire.                                                                                                                        

His models appeared in the New York Museum of Modem Art, at Ferrari headquarters and General Motors, as well as having been featured in other museums, show exhibitions, and automobile showrooms. Enzo Ferrari, a hard man to please, ordered a model and was so amazed at its perfection that he wrote personally to Conti to lavish him with praise. 

Michele and Maurizio Conti's models cross the divide between models and sculpture, breathtakingly offering the client both at the same time and as a consequence, raising the Conti model to the level of a work of art of fine museum quality. This is reflected in the value even the most basic Conti's achieve at auction or private sale.

"Wisdom begins in wonder." - Socrates (469-399 BC)

May 18, 2003

Michele Conti's achievements were formally recognized at the 2003 Reading Ferrari Concours d' Elegance. His son Maurizio Conti was in attendance to accept for his late father the "Enzo Ferrari Hall Of Fame Award" for his dedication to the Ferrari automobile. This ultimate accolade summed up 40 years of the supremacy of Michele and his son Maurizio in the very specialist field of fine scratch built model making; works of art owned by only very few but munificent in their appreciation by very many.