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The current work, Image of Samuel Beckett, ​in its frame

signed and dated 1985


58.5 x 43 cm, 23 x 17 in.


Sotheby's London, 30 October 2007

acquired at the above sale

Louis le Brocquy and Samuel Beckett met in Paris in 1978. They became good friends, and during the last eleven years of Beckett's life, the two worked on various projects together; for example, the book, Stirrings Still, and Walter Asmus's production of Waiting for Godot. In the 1960's long before they met, ​le Brocquy had intuitively created portraits of Beckett as well as James Joyce. Later, le Brocquy's passion to capture the spirit and essence of man evolved into his iconic Head Series. In le Brocquy's words - What one gropes for I imagine, is rather an identity in motion, traversing the diverse elements composing it - elements reaching back to ancestral time and perhaps even forward....

Louis le Brocquy, H.R.H.A. (1916 - 2012)


Image of James Joyce (1981) by Louis Le Brocquy (fig.2) is also a watercolour, the same size as the current work. It was acquired by David Bowie (1947-2016) on June 22, 1994 at Sotheby's London.  At the November 10 & 11, 2016 Sotheby's sale of David Bowie's Personal Collection (fig.1), this work sold for USD 85,463.00. Fifty nine new auction records were set, and the sale total of GBP 32.9M was nothing short of a spectacular success. A larger (31 1/2 x 31 1/2 in.) Image of Samuel Beckett, oil on canvas, sold at Sotheby's London 9May2007 for GBP 400,800.00 - EUR 590,577.00.


( detail )

See Samuel Beckett's portrait on the cover of

Henri Cartier-Bresson's An Inner Silence