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Michele Conti (1931-1996)

Erwin Goldschmidt (1916-1970) acquired from Conti in Italy ca. 1962

Anthony Goldschmidt (1942-2014), by descent 1970

In its brief racing existence, particularly the 1961 season, the F156 designed by Ferrari engineer Carlo Chiti earned its reputation as one of the all time great Formula 1 cars. Not only did Phil Hill become the first American World Champion in the F156 Sharknose, winning the 1961 World Championship of Formula 1 Drivers, but also Team Ferrari won the 1961 International Cup for Formula 1 manufacturers, beaten only twice in the '61 season by Stirling Moss in his Lotus. Phil Hill took the Belgian and Italian wins, while teammate Wolfgang von Tripp, second in Belgium and favored to win the championship, won the Dutch and British Grand Prix with Hill following a close second.  After the 1962 racing season, Ferrari scrapped all the remaining F156 cars, displaying only a replica today at the "Galleria Ferrari" in Maranello, Italy.

1961 Ferrari 156 Formula 1 "Sharknose" #4

As only the spirit of the F156 sharknose lives on, the history of the #4 car is exceptional. This 1:11 scale model built by Michele Conti in the early 1960's pays tribute to race car champion, Wolfgang von Tripp and fifteen spectators who tragically lost their lives at Monza (the Italian Grand Prix). While on lap 2, a collision occurred between Jim Clark and von Tripp who was unaware of the Lotus slipsteaming behind him.

This Conti model is in excellent condition.     Mounted on a wooden base with a plexiglass cover.

15 l. x 5 ¼ w. x 4 ¼ h. in.